LAMDA Examinations:

Syllabus Downloads


The LAMDA Examinations website is complete and helpfully organised; the following syllabus download pdf links have been extracted from there so that you can have a first glance at what the syllabus is for the disciplines that interest you.  The LAMDA page devoted to downloads is at

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Syllabus Size
Complete Graded Examinations 356 KB
Introductory examinations 56 KB
The Speaking of Verse and Prose 104 KB
Reading for Performance 90 KB
Spoken English 73 KB
Public-Speaking 63 KB
Acting 95 KB
Devised Performance 117 KB
Mime 85 KB
Musical Theatre for the Actor/Singer 155 KB
Group Examinations 120 KB
The LAMDA Certificate in Speech and Drama: Performance Studies (PCertLAM) 122 KB
The LAMDA Diploma in Speech and Drama Education (LSDE) 295 KB